Schneider PPC640 Laptop

Manufacturer: Amstrad
Model PPC640
Released: ca. 1988
Processor Intel 8088
Mhz: 4,77
RAM: 640 KB
Data Medium: 2 internal Diskdrives 3,5" 720 KB
Graphic-Card Graphic: MGA/CGA 640x200, Text: 80x25
Display: LCD, monocrom
Colors: 4 (LCD Display monocrom)
Sound: PC-Speaker
Modem: built in, 2400 Baud
Operating Systems: MS-DOS 3.3
Keyboard: 101 Keys AT-Keyboard
Ports: Seriel, Parallel, Mouse, ext. Monitor...
Specials: can be used with batteries or external powersupply (13V inner +, outer -)
Got my own one: Market DEM 40,-