Tchibo Tele-Fever

Manufacturer: Tchibo (a german coffee-seller)
Model: Tele-Fever
Released: ?
Production ends: ?
Processor: ?
Mhz: ?
Co-Processor: -
RAM: ?
ROM: ?
Data Medium: Cartridges (compatible to Schmid TVG 2000)
Games released: ?
Graphic: ?
Colors: jes
Sound: jes
Ports: Joypad, HF, Powersupply
Joypad: digital, 1 Firebutton
Accessories: -
Powersupply: 15V DC, 600mA
Sold in: Germany
Launch price: ?
Sold Pieces: ? (only a view)
Specials: compatible to Schmid TVG 2000
Got own one from:: Auction DEM 160,-

The Schmid TVG 2000-compatible Tele-Fever-Console was sold only in Germany from a Coffee-seller named Tchibo for a very limited time. The little amount of avaiable Tchibo-Telefever games was added with all Schmid TVG-2000 Games.

The first Joypad is build in the Console, the second is external. The Design of the Tele-Fever is a lot better than the Schimd TVG 2000.

Cause the Tele-Fever was produced only in a small amount, it is a absolute rare item now and can only be found in some Collectorshands.