Sega Master System

Manufacturer: Sega
Model: Master System (Mark III)
Released: 1985, in Germany 1986
Production ends: 1992
Processor: Z80, 8 Bit
Mhz: 3,6
Co-Processor: -
RAM: 24 KB (16 KB Video-RAM)
ROM: 128 KB
Data Medium: Cartridges, Cards
Games released: about 260
Graphic: 240x226
Colors: 52 of 256
Sound: 3 Channel, 3 Octaves, mono, 1 Noisechannel
Ports: 2 Joypad, AV, Card-Slot, Cartridge-Slot, Powersupply
Joypad: digital, 2 Firebuttons
Accessories: 3D-Glasses
Powersupply: 9V DC, 850 mA, inner -, outer +
Sold in: worldwide
Launch price: 299,- DEM
Sold Pieces: 6.100.000 worldwide
Specials: There was also released a version with build in HANG-ON
Got own one from:: Present of a friend

The Sega Master System has a Snake-Game build in. To start this Game follow this instructions:

NO Cartridge may be inserted
Switch on, after Instructions on the screen Joypad 1 to the up and press Firebutton 1+2

(In the version with build in HANG-ON Joypad 1 up and press Firebutton 1+2 and now switch on the Console)