Philips G7400+

Manufacturer: Philips
Model: G7400+
Released: ?
Production ends: ?
Processor: ?
Mhz: ?
Co-Processor: -
RAM: ?
ROM: ?
Data Medium: Cartridges
Games released: about 40 (all G7000 and G7000+ Games)
Graphic: 280x192
Colors: ?
Sound: ?
Ports: Cartridgeslot
Joypad: Analog, 8 Way, 1 Firebutton
Accessories: ?
Powersupply: -
Sold in: worldwide
Launch price: ?
Sold Pieces: ?
Specials: Keyboard build in, 49 Keys, QWERTY
Got own one from:: Geraet: Market DEM 10,-, Joypads: DEM 4,-

The G7400+ is nearly identical to the G7000. The + is standing for a better Backgroundgrafic. Other differences to the G7000 are the Joysticks with Plug and an ON/OFF-Switch.