Sega Mega CD II

Manufacturer: Sega
Model Mega CD II
Released: 1993
Production ends: 1998
Processor MC68000
Mhz: 12,5
RAM: 6 MBit + 64 KBit batteriesaved
ROM: ?
Data Medium: CD, Cartridges (with Mega Drive)
Graphic: 320x224
Colors: ?
Sound: PCM, Chip: Z80
Ports: Expansionsport, Video, Stereo-Audio-out
Sold in: worldwide
Launch price: ?
Specials: -
Weight: 1,4 KG
Got own one from:: used

The Mega CD II is a CD-Drive for the Mega Drive II (Genesis II). The CD-Drive is working in singlespeed, with 8x Oversampling und 800ms.