Atari Lynx I

Manufacturer: Atari
Model Lynx I
Released: September 1989
Production ends: 1991
Processor MOS 65C02, 8bit
Mhz: 65C02 Processor ~3,6, Graphicchip Suzy 16Mhz (16bit)
RAM: 64 KB
ROM: 512 Byte
Data Medium: Cartridges, 1 to 8 MBit
Bildschirm: 160x102 Pixel, Background-Light
Colors: 16 to 4096
Sound: 4 Channel, mono (Lynx I)
Ports: Lynx Com Port, Headphone, Powersupply
Joypad: build in, 2x2 Firebuttons
Sold in: worldwide
Specials: Hardware-Scrolling, Hardware-Zooming
Accessories: Akkupack, SunVisor, Powersupply, Car-Powersupply, Com-Lynx Wire, some bags
Batteries holds: about 4-5 Hours
Sprites: unlimited
Games released: about 80
Got own one from:: used

The Lynx was designed 1987 by Epyx. Atari bought the Lynx-Concept from the financal hurt Company Epyx.