Atari Jaguar

Manufacturer: Atari
Model Jaguar
Released: November 1993
Production ends: 1995
Processor 5 Processors in 3 Chips (Motorola68000/16Mzh 16/32Bit, TOM 6SC880, Jerry 6SC600)
Mhz: ?
RAM: 2 MB Fast Page DRAM
ROM: ?
Data Medium: Cartridges
Graphic, Resolution: up to 768x576
Colors: 16,7 Mio
Sound: 16 Bit, stereo
Ports: 2 Joypads, Cartridgeslot, RF-Video-out, AV-Port, Digital Signal Port
Joypad: Digital, 3 Firebuttons, Numeric Keypad
Sold in: worldwide
Specials: 32 and/or 64 Bit Console
Accessories: Pro Pad, CD-Drive, Team-Tap, CAT-Box
Sold Pieces: 200.000 worldwide
Got own one from:: new for 598,- DEM

The NTSC (US) Version has a red LED (left Picture), the Europe (Pal) Version a green (right) picture.

The best games on the Jaguar are: Alien vs Predator, Iron Soldier and Tempest 2000. The worsest Games are: Club Drive and Chequered Flag

The Jaguar was the last big Home-Console from Atari. The previes were great but it was sold not good, cause the small amount of software-titles. Also most of them was not good. Programmers said, that the Jaguar is very hard to program. So the Software did not use the full power of the Jaguar.