Nintendo Gameboy

Manufacturer: Nintendo
Model Gameboy
Released: April 21. 1989
Production ends: ?
Processor Z80, 8bit
Mhz: 2,2
RAM: 16 KB (8+8 KB)
ROM: ?
Data Medium: Cartridges
Bildschirm: Passiv LCD, 2,6", 160x144 Pixel
Colors: monocrome, 4 greyscales
Sound: 2-Channel, mono (stereo with headphone)
Ports: Cartridgeslot, Link-Port (up to 4 Gameboys), Powersupply
Joypad: Digital, 2 Firebuttons
Sold in: worldwide
Specials: -
Accessories: Akkupack
Sprites: 8
Batteries holds: up to 35 hours
Sold Pieces: 70 Millionen worldwide
Got own one from:: Market