Commodore CDTV

Manufacturer: Commodore
Model CDTV
Released: 1990
Processor Motorola MC68000
Mhz: 7,44
RAM: 512 KB (later version with 1MB)
ROM: 192 KB
Betriebssysteme: Kickstart 1.3 (+ additional ROMs for CD-support)
Data Medium: CD, Disc
Graphic, Resolution: 640x512
Colors: up to 4096
Sound: Stereo, 4-Channel, 8 Bit
Ports: Seriel, Parallel, Disc, Infrared,
Mouse, Keyboard, Video out, HF, RGB, Midi, Memorycard
Joypad: digital, Infrared
Sold in: worldwide
Specials: 1x Speed CD-ROM
Accessories: Disc, Keyboard, Mouse, Genlock, RAM-Card 64KB
Launch price 699,- engl. Pound
Got own one from:: Used, 220,- DEM

The CDTV from Commodore i think is the curiosest of all Amigas. The first version has build in the technic of the Amiga500 (512 KB RAM). Further Version included the technic from the Amiga500+ (1MB RAM). The CDTV has a Memorycard-Slot at the front. Through accessories like a Keyboard and Discdrive the CDTV could be upgraded to an complete Amiga 500 (Amiga 500+).

The included Infrared-Joyboard could be switched to use as Joystick or Mouse. Also all CD-Player-funktions could was included on the joyboard.

With the Genlock-Addon the TV-Signal could be mixed with the Amiga-Grafic. But only the Backgroundcolor of the Amiga could be cut and replaced through the TV-Signal.