Philips CDI 450

Manufacturer: Philips
Model CDI 450
Released: 1994 (Start of CDI as it was 1991)
Production ends: 1996
Processor 68070 (Philips)
Mhz: 15
RAM: 1 MB (expandable to 2,5 MB with MPEG Cartridge, +1 MB RAM +512 KB MPEG decoding RAM)
ROM: 512 KB
Data Medium: CD
Graphic, Resolution: up to 768x560
Colors: 16 Mio.
Sound: up to 16 Bit, stereo, 44,1Khz
Ports: Cartridgeslot (VideoCD-Cartridge), AV-Out, Joypad-Port
Joypad: digital, 2 Buttons
Sold in: Europe, USA (from Magnavox)
Specials: plays CDI, Audio-CD and with Upgrad-Cartridge CDI-Video and Video-CD's
Accessories: Digital Video Cardridge (Video-CD-Cartridge), Joypad, and a lot more...
Launch price: about 750,- DEM
Got own one from: Market 120,- DEM with Digital-Video-Cardridge + 5 CDI-CD's

The last pictures shows the Digital-Video-Cardridge