Commodore C64 GS

Manufacturer: Commodore
Model: C64 GS (C64 Games System)
Released: 1987
Production ends: ?
Processor: 6510, 8 Bit
Mhz: 0,9
Co-Processor: -
RAM: 64 KB expandable to 512 KB
ROM: 20 KB
Data Medium: Cartridges
Games released: ? (all C64-Cartridges)
Graphic: 320x200 2 Colors, 160x200 4 Colors
Colors: 16
Sound: 3 Channel, mono (Chip: SID)
Ports: Cartridgeslot, Video, HF, Audio, Powersupply, 2 Joystick
Joystick: every C64-compatible Joystick
Accessories: -
Powersupply: ? (C64II-Powersupply)
Sold in: England
Launch price: ?
Sold Pieces: ?
Specials: -
Got own one from:: Box from Market DEM 3,-, C64II-Board used DEM 30,-

The C64-GS was one of the greatest flops from Commodore. The Board was from the C64II on which the Cartridgeslot was showing upsides and not to the back as in the C64II. The serial-port was also missing. So the C64 GS has an Basic-Interpreter which can't be used cause of missing Keyboard.

I found the box on the Market and build in an modifyed C64II-Board by myself.