Panasonic 3DO FZ10

Manufacturer: Panasonic
Model 3DO FZ10
Released: ?
Production ends: ?
Processor ARM60 Risc-Processor 32Bit
Mhz: 12,5
GraphicProcessors: 2 with 25Mhz each
RAM: 2 MB DRAM, 1 MB Video-RAM, 32 KB Sound-RAM
Data Medium: CD, 2xSpeed
Graphic, Resolution: 640x480
Colors: 16,7 Mio.
Sound: 16 Bit, stereo, 44,1Khz
Ports: AV I/O (for VideoCD-Cartridges etc.), Expansion-Port, 1 Joypad-Port
Joypad: digital, 1 Port for further joypads (up to 8 in a row)
Sold in: worldwide
Launch price: ?
Specials: 32 KB batteriesaved SRAM for gamestandings etc., toploader
Accessories: CH Flightstick Pro
Got own one from: used, 130,- DEM