Cambridge Z88

Manufacturer: Cambridge Computer Ltd., U.K.
Model: Z88
Released: 1987
Production ends: ?
Processor CMOS Z80
Mhz: 3,28
RAM: 32 KB expandable to 3 MB
ROM: 128 KB
Operating Systems: own, 4MB Memory adressable, BBC Basic + Businessprograms in ROM
Graphic, Resolution: Graphic 640x64, Text: 106x8
Colors: 3 Greyscales
Sound: Beep
Ports: 3 EPROM Slots, RS232
Keyboard: Rubberkeys, 64 Keys, QWERTZ
Internal Drives: -
Specials: portable Computer with build in LCD-Display, Batteries, Real-Time Clock
Accessories: EPROM Memorycards
Launch price: 230,- engl. Pound
Got own one from: used, 20,- DEM

Cambridge was Sir Clive Sinclairs second Company after Sinclair Computers. Cambridge produced the first Personal Diary Assistent, the Z88.