Thomson MO5 NR

Manufacturer: Thomson
Model: MO5 NR
Released: 1984
Production ends: ?
Processor Motorola 6809E, 8 Bit
Mhz: 1
RAM: 48 KB (32 KB usable)
ROM: 16 KB
Operating Systems: Basic, TO7-compatible
Graphic, Resolution: Graphic: 320x200 Text: 40x24
Colors: 16
Sound: 1 Channel, 5 Octaves, mono
Ports: Tape, RGB-Scart, Mouse, LightPen, Cartridge, Centronics
Keyboard: Typewriter, 58 Keys, AZERTY (franz. Standard)
Internal Drives: -
Specials: franz. Version of the MO 5 E
Accessories: Discdrive, Tape-Drive
Launch price: 3.240 FF
Sold Pieces: ?
Got own one from: -