Atari STacy2

Manufacturer: Atari
Model: STacy2
Released: 1989
Production ends: ?
Processor Motorola MC68000 16/32Bit
Mhz: 8
RAM: 2 MB (expandable to 4 MB
ROM: ?
Operating Systems: TOS 1.4 in ROM, 2 Chip Sets 32Pin
Graphic, Resolution: Graphic: 640x400 at 2 Colors, 320x200 at 16 Colors, Text: 80x25
Colors: monocrome, 16 of 512 Colors
Sound: 8 Bit mono, Yamaha 3-Voice FM
Ports: Cardtridge, Joystick, Mouse, RS232, Parallel, Midi, DMA, Monitor
Keyboard: 95 Keys, QWERTZ, build in Trackball with 2 Keys
Internal Drives: 720 KB Discdrive, HD
Specials: -
Accessories: ?
Got own one from: Present of a friend

There were 3 Versions of the Stacy:
Stacy1 (1MB RAM)
Stacy2 (2MB RAM)
Stacy4 (4MB RAM)