Sinclair Spectrum+

Manufacturer: Sinclair
Model: Spectrum+
Released: October, 15. 1984
Production ends: ?
Processor Z80A, 8 Bit
Mhz: 3,5
RAM: 48 KB
ROM: 16 KB
Operating Systems: Basic (in ROM), Maschincodes
Graphic, Resolution: Graphic: 256x192, Text: 32x24
Colors: 8
Sound: Beep
Ports: 1 HF, 1 RS232, 1 Userport, 1 Tape I/O
Keyboard: 40 Keys, PlasticKeys, QWERTY
Internal Drives: -
Specials: Resetswitch
Accessories: ZX Printer, Interface I, Interface II
Launch price: 179,- engl. Pound
Got own one from: used

The ZX-Spectrum+ was sold together with following software:

Make a Chip
Chequered Flag
Psion Chess
Tasword 2