Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2A

Manufacturer: Sinclair/Amstrad
Model: ZX Spectrum +2A
Released: 1986
Production ends: ?
Processor Zilog Z80A, 8 Bit
Mhz: 3,54
RAM: 128 KB
ROM: 32 KB (16 KB Spectrum48K-ROM, 16 KB Spectrum+3-ROM)
Operating Systems: Basic 48k, Basic 128k (in ROM)
Graphic, Resolution: Graphic 256x192, Text: 32x24
Colors: 8 of 16
Sound: 3 Channel, mono
Ports: RS232 (+Midi-out), Tape, Audio, RGB, HF, Z80-Bus, Joystick, numeric keypad
Keyboard: 58 Keys
Internal Drives: Tapedrive
Specials: Black Design
Accessories: Discdrives + Controller, LightPen, ZX-Printer...
Launch price: ?
Sold Pieces: ?
Got own one from: new, DM 70,-

The Amstrad ZX Spectrum +2A was sold in a package together with an Sinclair Joystick and 100 Games on Tape.