Sinclair Accessories

There was a lot of accessories for the Sinclair ZX-Serie. Some from Sinclair itself, some third-party:

For the ZX-Printer, the 2040 Printer, the ZX-Microdrive, the ZX Interface 1 and the ZX Interface 2 are extra pages avaiable.

The Lightpen for the ZX-Spectrum by DKtronics

Memotech Typewriter-Keyboard for the ZX-81

The Multiface 128, a Hack- and Copycartridge for the ZX-Spectrum

16 KB Memory-Upgrade for the ZX-81

ROM-Cartridge for ZX-Spectrum with Interface 2

Joystickinterfaces for the ZX-Spectrum

Plug-Typewriter-Keyboard for the ZX-Spectrum

Sheikosa GP 50 Matrix-Printer
Together with the ZX-Printer the most used Printer for the ZX-Spectrum