Sinclair QL

Manufacturer: Sinclair
Model: QL (Quantum Leap)
Released: 1984
Production ends: 1987
Processor Motorola M68008, 32/8 Bit (internal/external)
Mhz: 7,5
RAM: 128 KB
ROM: 32 KB
Operating Systems: QL-Basic (in ROM)
Graphic, Resolution: Graphic: 512x256 at 4 Colors, 256x256 at 8 Colors, Text: 85x25
Colors: 16
Sound: 1 Channel, build in Speaker
Ports: HF, Monitor, 2x RS 232C, Cartridge-Slot, 2x Joystick, 2x Network (serial, Three-Wire-Technic)
Keyboard: Typewriter, 65 Keys, QWERTZ and QWERTY-Version
Internal Drives: 2x Microdrive
Specials: Multitasking, Network onboard
Accessories: Disklaufwerk, Diskcontroller
Launch price: 1984: 2.500,- DEM, 1987: 350,- DEM
Got own one from: Market

The Microdrives of the QL

There was also a german Version of the QL. Even a Discdrive with Controller.