Oric Atmos

Manufacturer: Tangerine/Oric
Model: Oric Atmos
Released: 1984
Production ends: ?
Processor: MOS6502A, 8 Bit
Mhz: 1
Co-Processor: -
RAM: 48 KB
ROM: 16 KB
Operating Systems: Basic in ROM
Graphic, Resolution: Graphic: 240x200, Text: 40x25
Colors: 8
Sound: 3 Channel, mono (Chip: AY-3-8912)
Ports: Centronics, RGB, FBAS, HF, Tapedrive, BUS
Keyboard: Typewriter, 58 Keys, QWERTY
Internal Drives: -
Specials: -
Accessories: Discdrive, Printer
Sold in: worldwide
Launch price: ?
Sold Pieces: ?
Got own one from: -

The Oric Atmos follows the Oric 1. Differences were the Keyboard and a Key named FUNC. Also a bugfixed ROM was onboard.