Coleco Adam

Manufacturer: Coleco
Model: Adam
Released: 1983
Production ends: ?
Processor: Z80A
Mhz: 3,58
Co-Processor: -
RAM: 64 KB, expandable to 128 KB
Operating Systems: Adam Smart Basic, Logo in ROM
Graphic, Resolution: Graphic: 256x192, Text: 36x24
Colors: 16
Sound: 3 Channel, mono, 1 NoiseChannel (Chip: TI SN76489AN)
Ports: 2 Joystick, Cartridgeslot, serial, HF, parallel, 3 Expansionsslots
Keyboard: Typewriter, 75 Keys, QWERTY
Internal Drives: Datadrive
Specials: Textprogram in ROM, compatible to CBS Colecovision
Accessories: Printer
Sold in: ?
Launch price: ?
Sold Pieces: ?
Got own one from: -