Texas Instruments CC-40

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
Model: CC-40 (Compact-Computer 40)
Released: March 1983
Production ends: ?
Processor: TMS70C20
Mhz: ?
Co-Processor: -
RAM: 6 KB, expandable to 18 KB
ROM: 34 KB, expandable to 128 KB
Operating Systems: Basic (in ROM), Assembler
Graphic, Resolution: build in LCD-Display, Text: 1x31
Colors: monocrome
Sound: 1 Channel Mono, build in Beeper
Ports: HEX-BUS
Keyboard: Typewriter, 64 Keys, QWERTY
Drives: Wafertape (Tapedrive with 48 KB)
Specials: portable
Accessories: HEX-BUS Expansions
Sold in: ?
Launch price: 678,- DEM
Sold Pieces: ?
Got own one from: Present