Commodore C64 Gold

Manufacturer: Commodore
Model: C64 Gold
Released: December, 5. 1986 to jubelee of the 1.Mio sold C64 in Germany
Production ends: 1986
Processor 6510A, 8 Bit
Mhz: Pal: 0,985, NTSC: 1.023
RAM: 64 KB (expandable to 512 KB), 38 KB usable
ROM: 20 KB
Operating Systems: Basic V2 (in ROM)
Graphic, Resolution: Graphic 320x200 2 Colors, 160x200 4 Colors, Text: 40x25
Colors: 16
Sound: 3 Channel, mono (Chip: SID)
Ports: RS232, Tape, RGB, HF, BUS (Userport), 2x Joystick
Keyboard: 66 Keys, QWERTY
Internal Drives: -
Specials: only produced for jubilee
Accessories: Discdrive, Tapedrive...
Launch price: Present from commodore
Sold Pieces: between 250 and 1000 peaces
Got own one from: -

The C64-Golden Edition was designed in (not real) gold and attached on a Glasplate in Computerboard-Design. Each item has a Plate with the serialnumber and the following german text on it:

Goldene Edition
aus Anlass des 1.000.000sten
C 64 in Deutschland
5. Dezember 1986

(klick on the image for bigger fotos)

This items were a gift to the press and some businessmen at the jubileeparty for the 1.Mio sold C64 in Germany (in the BMW-Building in Munich, Germany).

This item is absolute rare.

Best thanks to Karsten Thiel und Folkmar Claussen for the Fotos.