Apple II Europlus

Manufacturer: Apple
Model: II Europlus (II+)
Released: 1978
Production ends: 1983
Processor: MOS 6502, 8 Bit
Mhz: 1,023
Co-Processor: -
RAM: 16 KB, 32 KB or (most) 48 KB, expandable to 128 KB
ROM: 16 KB
Operating Systems: AppleDOS, ProDOS (DOS3.3)
Graphic, Resolution: Graphic: 280x192 6 Colors, 40x48 16 Colors
Text: 40x24 (80x24 with 80-Character-Card)
Colors: 16
Sound: 1 Channel, mono (build in beeper)
Ports: Mouse, I/O (also for Joystick), Tapedrive, Expansionport, 8 Cardslots
Keyboard: Typewriter, 52 Keys, QWERTY
Internal Drives: -
Specials: PAL-Out only with PAL-Card
Accessories: Discdrive
Sold in: ?
Launch price: ?
Sold Pieces: ?
Weight: 4,4 KG
Got own one from: Present

The Apple II + and the in Europe sold Apple II Europlus were technical mostly identical. Only the Videosignal (NTSC) was the difference. 1983 follows the Apple IIe