Commodore Amiga 600

Manufacturer: Commodore
Model: Amiga 600
Released: 1992
Production ends: ?
Processor: Motorola MC 68000, 16 Bit
Mhz: 7,14
Co-Processor: Agnus, Denise, Paula
RAM: 1 MB (Chip-RAM), expandable to 10 MB (2 MB Chipram + 8 MB Fastram)
ROM: 512 KB
Operating Systems: Kickstart 2.04 o. 2.05, Workbench 2.1
Graphic, Resolution: Graphic 320x256,320x512,640x256,640x512, Text: 60x32, 80x32
Colors: 32 at 320xX, 16 at 640xX, 4096 with extramodus
Sound: 4 Channel, stereo, PCM
Ports: 1 serial, 1 Parallel, Mouse, Keyboard, Joysitck, RGB, HF, Video+Audio, BUS, PCMCIA-Card, Harddisc 2,5" ATBUS (internal)
Keyboard: Typewriter, 78 Keys, QWERTZ
Internal Drives: Discdrive 3,5", 880 KB
Specials: To open the BIOS-Setup-Menue, hold both Mousebuttons while switching on the power
Accessories: TV-Cartridgeator, Harddisc, further Discdrives, PCMCIA Memorycards
Sold in: ?
Launch price: ?
Sold Pieces: ?
Got own one from: used, 50,- DEM

The Amiga 600 was also sold in a version with build in Harddisc. This Amiga was named Amiga 600HD. All Amiga 600 have a IDE-Port build in, but the first versions do not have a BIOS-Suport for Harddiscs. So in this versions of the Amiga 600 the IDE-Port is useless. The Amiga 600 was a flop and the production was stopped fast.